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A new dimension in interaction

Discover challenges and minimize risks that have not previously been visible in a 2-dimensional world with the help of Spawn.


Award-winning Software


Spawn enables interactivity and interaction in a simple and intuitive way. Using virtual reality modeling, participants can operate and plan 1 to 1 with the product or installation.


Spawn makes your business more sustainable by minimizing the risk of errors, and the need for meeting travel.


Spawn allows you to test and plan operations before putting them into practice.

Planning and auditing of new installations and products

Interactive meetings (2-20 people) in the digital model. Document decisions made in the VR-meeting on the virtual whiteboard, and also use text, photos and video.

You own all your data

Your own imported 3D-models and all VR-scenes you build yourself are owned by you.

Spawn DigiTwin

This is a version of the software that supports the loading of sensor data from Neuron Core and connection to your 3D models directly in the software.

All sensor data collected via Neuron Core is owned by you. If you use other solutions for data collection, there may be other ownership models.


All types of interactive courses without participants being physically co-located.

How to get started?

Contact Nagelld AS for purchasing a subscription.


Spawn is owned and developed by Nagelld AS.

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