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We deliver tailored interactive VR/AR experiences to a number of customers. Would you like to experience your concept in VR?

VR (Virtual Reality) is about creating an illusion of being somewhere else than the user actually is. This environment could be onboard a ship that hasn't been built yet, on the moon or in the deep sea.

- There are no limits.

In business. For businesses this could be used for meetings and within prototyping. Everything you need is an internet connection, a computer to run the software and some VR-goggles.

We've developed our own solution for interacting in VR with multiple users simultaneously.  They can be located anywhere in the world, gather virtually

and speak in real-time.

Our clients use this technology for meetings, education, coursing and digital exhibitions. This results in less traveling, time-saving and new ways of learning.


The technology can be used in prototyping-processes by loading 3D-model prototypes into a  3D-environment and check them virtually by moving around them in real-world scale. This has the potential to save large amounts if faults and mistakes are discovered early, before the physical

build starts.

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